What is the HIT-SAT project?

It is a satellite of the developed amateur radio according to the Hokkaido Cubsat development ham club (The representative: Hokkaido Institute of Technology information design subject assistant professor Mitsuhashi Ryuichi). As for HIT-SAT, it is scheduled to be launched as a sub-payload in solar observation satellite "SOLAR-B" with the seventh M-V rocket machine of JAXA (space Airlines research and development mechanism) on September 23, 2006.

Communication system

Communication system specification

Communication system specification
Up-link 145MHz belt
CW Teremetoridaunrinc 437.275MHz
FM packet down-link 437.425MHz
Command transmission Command by DTMF
Teremetori CW Teremetori
Mission data 1200bps FM Packet

Communication system block chart

₯The communication system establishes the communication road of the space satellite and the ground. The block chart of the HITSAT communication system is shown below.

Communication system procedure

1.CW signal reception
2.ground command transmission
3.The mission data transmission from the satellite according to B
packet transmission
4.that returns to C regularity operation

CW Teremetori

HIT-SAT transmits Teremetoridata of the satellite by the CW morse code.
HIT-SAT transmits Teremetoridata of HIT5 from HIT1 and the CW Teremetori signal is
transmitted respectively every 40 seconds.
HIT1Bureau call signJR8YJT
HIT2Absolute time information [A]Month,[BB]Day,[CC]hour,[‚c‚c]Second
HIT3Each temperature information [EE]{‚w face,[DD]|‚w face,[GG]{‚x face, [HH]|‚x face,[II]{‚y face,[JJ]|‚y face, [KK]temperature of wireless machine,[LL]temperature of battery,
HIT4Power supply information [VV]Amount of 1st battery,[WW]Amount of 2nd battery
HIT5Amateur radio serviceTNX[Callsign1],TNX[CallSign2],



@To control posture, the antenna was assumed to be a rigid structure.
The monopole antenna that uses the shortening coil to up-link 145MHz is produced.
Moreover, the dipole antenna of 430MHz was produced in down-link.
It installs it in HITSAT as shown in the photograph. The material used for fixation and
the shortening coil of the antenna used GFRP.

Communication apparatus


The communication apparatus the wireless laboratory Ltd. in the west. The command reception, it transmits CW Teremetori, and FM packet is transmitted with this communication apparatus.

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