What is the HIT-SAT project?

It is a satellite of the developed amateur radio according to the Hokkaido Cubsat development ham club (The representative: Hokkaido Institute of Technology information design subject assistant professor Mitsuhashi Ryuichi). As for HIT-SAT, it was launched as a sub-payload in solar observation satellite "SOLAR-B" with the seventh M-V rocket machine of JAXA on September 23, 2006.


2008/6/20:End of operation
HIT-SAT was decay orbit on June 18 2008. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for many reception report. We take the project forward into its next stage. Last CW voice by HIT-SAT ground staiton(MP3 sounds)here.
Thank you very much.
2008/6/18:Last voice of HIT-SAT
HIT-SAT ground station was received at 4:13(UTC). However, we did not hear 05:40(UTC). So HIT-SAT ground station was last voice at 4:13(UTC). Predicted Decay Date/Time by Space Track:2008-06-18 08:46:00(GMT) +/- 4 Hours
2008/6/17:HIT-SAT re-entry forecast
HIT-SAT does re-entry soon.
Predicted Decay Date/Time by Space Track:2008-06-18 09:44:00 GMT +/- 16 Hours
2008/4/16:Orbit longevity of HIT-SAT.
It is expected that HIT-SAT makes a re-entry on June 7, 2008 according to SPACE TRACK.
I'm thankful for all your help. We thank everyone who helped me.
2007/2/7:We need your help.
HITSAT is voltage reduction.
HIT-SAT doesn't accept the command from the ground station.
Ground control station is collected teremetori information on HITSAT.
The CW heart beat of HIT-SAT saves the satellite.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

2006/12/31:This year's operation was safely ended.
The operation of this year's "HITSAT" ends today, too. As for "HITSAT", September 23 launched, got cooperation a lot than before, and was able to get over within the year safely. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Although a life is not so long, I need your help well also from next year.
2006/12/07:About a verification card.
Thank you for HIT-SAT aiding over a long period of time from a launch on September 23, 2006. Although it was the verification card which had been continuing creation for some time, the large frame of a design was decided. preparation for printing is advanced,now. It is made to wait. Please already wait for a while to issue.

The following figure is the design of an issue schedule.
HIT-SAT verification card
2006/10/31:The battery is restored.
Well, we are looking into it. The satellite is operation in a safe mode because it doesn't understand the cause. It is an operation schedule in a safe mode that stops six hour CW after it passes over the Japanese sky. It survives if it is possible to report on ON/OFF for CW. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
2006/10/30: Electric power and Attitude control of HIT-SAT.
The recovery of the voltage was not seen in the charge mode. The voltage decrease in the rechargeable battery continues. It is a tough going. As for HIT-SAT, the voltage of the rechargeable battery fell below the voltage of the primary battery. If rechargeable battery is downing, HIT-SAT operation is several days. If there is a necessary electric power, that experiments on the attitude control if it is passing 16:30 of today, Data acquisition is scheduled to be done by passing afterwards.
I'm sorry to place this burden on all of you.
I hope the cooperation of these data acquisition.

[Operation schedule]
-16:30: Attitude control execution. And CW is stopping.
-18:02: Attitude control is shut down. And the charge mode execution.

*This schedule might be changed by the situation of the satellite.
2006/10/29:Charging Operation was started.
Due to the decrease of battery voltage, attitude control experiments was postponed. To recover the voltage, we started charging operation. The charging operation will last about six hours. During the operation, CW is stopped to save power consumption.
2006/10/28:we'll carry out the attitude control experiment on Oct. 29.
If the voltage of secondary battery is stable, we'll carry out the attitude control experiment on Oct. 29 from am 4:50 to 8:10(JST). Please understand that the CW must be stopped during the experiment to save the power consumption.
2006/10/23:Congratulations!! One month from HITSAT launched.
Thank you your cooperation. HIT-SAT was over one month from rocket launched!! Thanks to all of you.
2006/10/18:Delivery of Oscar number and Thank you.
Thank you your cooperation and report. HIT-SAT was delivered of Oscar number. Oscar number is "HIT-SAT--OSCAR-59 or HO--59". Thanks to all of you. Thank you.
2006/10/06:HIT-SAT was deleted to TLE of SPACE-TRACK.
Today, Space-Track was checked again. And HIT-SAT was deleted this page. M-5 was OBJECT B. HIT-SAT was OBJECT F. OBJECT A was HINODE(SOLAR B).
2006/10/06:HIT-SAT was added to TLE of SPACE-TRACK.
Today, Space-Track was checked. And HIT-SAT was found this page. OBJECT B was M-5. OBJECT F was HIT-SAT.
2006/10/02:A software to analyze the CW of HIT-SAT was developed by Mr. Mike Rupprecht.
You can get the software from his home page (http://www.dk3wn.info/sat/afu/sat_hitsat.shtml). We are deeply grateful to radio amateurs all over the world for kind cooperation.
2006/10/02:The result of the attitude control.
The result of the attitude control will be gotten through downlink after the establishment of stable operation. Therefore, the downlink and analysis require more time, perhaps 1 or 2 weeks. Please understand such a operation and announce needs time.
2006/09/30:HIT-SAT control center was opening to the public.
HIT-SAT control center was opening to the public. Because, today is Hokkaido Institute of Technology festival. Several people have a knock at one's door.
control center Fireworks
Control center(left) and festival's fireworks(right).

2006/09/29:CW Telemetery format opening to the public.
Sorry I took so long. The CW telemetry of HIT-SAT is opened to the public. Thank you for your cooperation. Here.
2006/09/28:FM Operating on HIT-SAT.
Thank you for reception your cooperation. Today, evening operation is FM. FM was not decoded all that. However, getting FM recorded data from amateur radio operator and ground station network. thanks to all of your data. The data was good value.Thanks.
2006/09/27:The CW of HIT-SAT was restarted successfully!
At 16:49 on 27th Sep. (JST), we attempted restart of the HIT-SAT to recover from the CW trouble. The HIT-SAT was restarted successfully. As a result we could hear the CW of our satellite. Although the cause was still unknown, we hope the transmission of CW continues normally. We appreciate cooperation and help of radio amateurs all over the world.
Please hear the beat of our satellite's heart.
2006/09/26:We tried some commands to restart the CW.
However, we could not receive the CW. Fortunately, the FM transmitter of the HIT-SAT is normal. Therefore, now we are trying to get some telemetry data. It would be last until 6:00 9/26(JST). After that we’ll examining the cause more precisely. Please wait for the present.
2006/09/25:The CW was not received at 3rd and 4th passes.
The CW was not received at 3rd and 4th passes(16:13 and 17:45(JST)). Attitude control would be stopped. However, the CW was not received at the passes. Now, we are examining the cause of CW problem. Please understand our difficult situation.
2006/09/25:Change mail address
Mail address of this web site was changed.
2006/09/25:The CW was not received at 2nd pass
The CW was not received at 7:11(JST). Attitude control may be going on. However, attitude control will stop soon. And CW is restated. If CW is received, please report it.
2006/09/25:CW was not received at 1st pass
The CW was not received at 1st pass (5:48). Attitude control may be going on.
We have started the attitude control of the HIT-SAT at 16h42m38s (JST). Due to the save of electric power, CW of the HIT-SAT has been stopped for 14 hours or less. After the attitude control mode, CW of the HIT-SAT will start again. In such a case, please the report the reception of CW. We would be pleased for your support.
We greatly appreciate your kindness, especially radio amateurs all over the world. For your cooperation, we got very valuable information of the HIT-SAT. We hope further your cooperation and reports. Now initial operation of the HIT-SAT has been carried out. Our reply to your reports may be late, perhaps one or some days. However we'll surely reply and send verification card after the initial operat ion.
Therefore, please wait for the present.
2006/09/24:CW receive at 2nd pass
CW was received at 7:40. HIT-SAT is Normality Operation.
2006/09/24:Command transmission at 1st pass
FM transmission and receive was success.HIT-SAT is Normality Operation.
Order Acquisition information
1RTC time information
2Smart Media DHU Range of sensor data
3Smart Media DHU Range of event data
4Smart Media DHU event data
5Smart Media DHU sensor data
6ALL sensor Instantaneous value

2006/09/23:Today's operation end
Thank you for reception your cooperation. Tomorrow's operation is a schedule at 06:05 of early morning.
2006/09/23:1st passing and earth station reception confirmation to the sky over Japan.
15:36HIT-SAT of the street schedule was receiving tested for 42 minutes in the Hokkaido Institute of Technology earth station. The reception was confirmed in the Hokkaido Institute of Technology earth station at the result and 15:36:20. (15:45)
2006/09/23:A candidate of the HIT-SAT’s TLE was updated. two-line data
two-line data
(9/24 6:00 Update)
2006/09/23:About the Web camera
The situation of a present earth station is in real time delivered with the Web camera.
The access : here
2006/09/23:Reception success report
Thank you for the report that the report of the reception from Florida and Iowa in the United States.
2006/09/23: Ucami success
Ucami succeeded safely according to schedule at six of today:36.
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