HIT-SAT Information

@[August 11, 2006]Delivery of radio station license from Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications.

Ground Station Call SignJR8YJS
Satellite Call SignJR8YJT
HIT-SAT frequencyCW 437.275MHz
FM 437.425MHz

Opening to the public orbital element is after launch.

Communication system specification

Communication system specification
Up-link145MHz band
CW telemetry down-link437.275MHz
FM packet down-link437.425MHz
Command transmissionDTMF command
telemetryCW telemetry
mission data1200bps FM Packet

Communication system block diagram

- Communication system is establish communication between satellite and the ground.
HIT-SAT block diagram of the communication system is a street below.

Communication system procedure.

1.CW signal reception.
2.Command transmission.
3.The mission data transmission from the satellite according to packet transmission.
4.It returns to regular operation.

CW telemetry

HIT-SAT transmits telemetry data of the satellite by the CW morse code.
HIT-SAT transmits telemetry data of HIT5 from HIT1 and the CW telemetry signal is
transmitted respectively every 40 seconds.

CW telemetry information when operating it.
HIT1Bureau call signJR8YJT
HIT2Absolute time information [A]Month,[BB]Day,[CC]hour,[cc]Second
HIT3Each temperature information [EE]{w face,[DD]|w face,[GG]{x face, [HH]|x face,[II]{y face,[JJ]|y face, [KK]temperature of wireless machine,[LL]temperature of battery,
HIT4Power supply information [VV]Amount of 1st battery,[WW]Amount of 2nd battery
HIT5Amateur radio serviceTNX[Callsign1],TNX[CallSign2],

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